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Treasure hunting in the Toplitzsee is very popular due to its unusual depth. The Toplitzsee has always been the subject of legends and rumours. After the collapse of the Third Reich this speculation only increased. According to the eyewitness reports of dozens of local people, a number of crates were hidden in the Toplitzsee during the last days of the Second World War. Since then there has been repeated speculation that those crates contained the last gold reserves of the Third Reich. Over the years some treasure hunters have paid with their lives for their carelessness, while trying their luck in this lake, where diving is actually prohibited.

According to the most recent research, the Toplitzsee was the location of secret Nazi underwater experiments with explosives and rockets. Counterfeit British money, intended to weaken the British economy, was found in the lake by professional divers during organized searches. Counterfeit stamps, explosives, weapons and other relics of that war have also been found. But gold itself has always remained an elusive prize. Even the existence of the gold has never been definitely confirmed, nevertheless the legend continues that there are crates of Nazi gold hidden deep in the Toplitzsee.

The speculation has increased to embrace the possibility of finding a so-called "Amber Room", tons of gold sunk in the Toplitzsee. A submarine once took underwater photographs of a crate at the bottom of the lake with Russian markings. This crate could not be retrieved at the time and to this day it is still not clear what it really contained.
The legend of gold hidden in the Toplitzsee goes on.